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ImmunoXpert™ (MeMed) is a novel assay that accurately distinguishes between bacterial and viral infections based on the patient immune response to different infection types.  ImmunoXpert™ provides physicians with rapid and actionable clinical information to help guide antibiotic treatment decisions.

ImmunoXpert™ manual ELISA test is transitioned onto Freedom EVO® 75 (Tecan), a state of the art compact pipetting robot that will reduce hands-on technician time, increasing clinical utility and potential health economic benefit.

The diagnostic performance and clinical utility of ImmunoXpert™ is assessed in 1,200 pediatric patients presenting to the ED with respiratory tract infections and fever without source, in leading medical centers in Germany and Italy.

This project has received funding from Horizon 2020, The EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation under grant agreement no 701088

AutoPilot-Dx is a European consortium funded under Horizon 2020, The EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation under the Fast Track to Innovation Pilot. AutoPilot-Dx is a cross sector effort (industry, KOLs, outcome researchers) aimed to drive clinical adoption of a new immune-based diagnostics called ImmunoXpert™. The project outlines a trans-disciplinary approach that includes assay automation, piloting in real-world clinical settings, utility validation and health economics. AutoPilot-Dx far-reaching goal is to improve antibiotic stewardship, providing better, personalized, care for febrile children, and help fight antibiotic resistance – a global health threat.

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